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Vaccine Development: Assess

Assessing vaccine efficacy is a critical step in your vaccine development workflow – get that right and you’ll be flying to the finish line but get it wrong and you’ll be right back to square one.

At Bio-Techne, we understand the importance of reproducible data and know that vaccine efficacy studies can be a cumbersome and error-prone step of your vaccine development workflow. That’s why we’re helping you to generate accurate and reliable results so that you can focus on getting your vaccine to market. Our range of expert solutions include automated immunoassays, high-quality antibodies, cutting edge exosome analysis and more!

Vaccine Development vaccine efficacy

ELISA's For Everyone

We want to help you get your vaccine to market faster and know that with accurate and reproducible data you can do just that! Be confident in your results with our wide range of ELISAs, from the flexibility with DuoSets to the complete ready-to-use Quantikine™, we have an ELISA kit to suit all

Be Certain With Serology

Need to assess vaccine efficacy but can’t find the right serological assay to assess antibody responses? Let us help you build your own with our extensive range of fully validated antibodies and proteins. With high specificity, sensitivity and purity, we ensure you have consistency and accuracy every time.

ProteinSimple Instrument: Simple Western

Multi-Antigen Serology Tests with Simple Western™

Say goodbye to single-antigen serology tests and hello to comprehensive, multi-antigen characterization of the immune response with Jess™, our user-friendly, automated Western instrument, designed with you and your data in mind.  For COVID-19 vaccine development, take advantage of our fully characterized SARS-CoV-2 Multi-Antigen Serology Module for Simple Western.

Walk away and let Jess evaluate the antibody response to your vaccine -- the most convenient and comprehensive way to monitor vaccine efficacy.

ProteinSimple Instrument: Ella automated immunoassay platform

Ella™-Microfluidic Immunoassays for efficacy and efficiency

Assessing the cytokine responses to your vaccine is an important step in understanding vaccine efficacy but traditional ELISAs can be timely and prone to error. Offering full automation (hands free) and options to detect multiplex - we speed you from sample to data in less than 90 minutes without compromising accuracy.

exosome 2

Get ready to excel with ExosomeDx

Ensure your vaccine efficacy data is as reliable as possible, because knowledge is power and power speeds your vaccine to market in the shortest time.

We appreciate that isolating and analyzing exosomes is a complex and time-consuming experiment and we’re here to help you speed-up and simplify. Discover our custom exosome analysis services and let us take the burden for you - we’ll analyze exosome protein and RNA responses to your vaccine for you so that you can advance to the next step in your vaccine development workflow.

Next steps – Monitor Vaccine Quality

Looking to streamline your vaccine research? Our vaccine development workflow is designed by scientists for scientists - helping you get your vaccine to market faster.