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Are You Looking For More Than Size Data?

Does your Western band tell you the entire story about your target of interest? Do you want to detect phosphorylation isoforms and other post-translational modifications? Our Simple Western charge assays can let you see beyond what’s detected by a traditional Western.


NanoPro 1000 gives you all the detailed info you need on your proteins. His automated assays can transform your research. Detect multiple phosphorylation states with a single antibody and automatically quantify isoform percent totals for each protein. Get the detailed phospho-isoform profiling you’ve been looking for.

Transform Your Research 


  • Profile charge isoforms

  • Determine relative quantitation of phospho-isoforms

NanoPro instrument by ProteinSimple a Bio-Techne brand


Want to learn how others are using NanoPro 1000 to advance their research?


Watch our webinar to learn how Dr. Philip Lorenzi, MD Anderson Cancer Center, and David Hirschberg, Columbia University used NanoPro 1000 to identify and characterize emerging pathogens, as well as detect and quantify a key biomarker involved in acute lymphoblastic leukemia.


Want to learn more about NanoPro 1000?


Download our brochure and learn how NanoPro 1000 can characterize cell signaling in your smallest samples.

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