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Improve Your Immunoassay Results

Move Past the Limitations of Traditional ELISAs


Traditional or array-based ELISAs come with lots of challenges. Achieving good immunoassay reproducibility is tricky with all the multiple, manual wash steps and tedious reagent additions.


Meet Ella™, your immunoassay problem solver! There’s no manual washes or tedious reagent additions because Ella automates every step of the immunoassay with her Simple Plex™ assays. All you have to do is add your samples and assay buffer, then scan the cartridge to import the pre-loaded standard curves, place it into Ella and press start.

Advantages of using automated ELISAs on Ella versus traditional plate based ELISAs
How do Simple Plex assays compare to ELISAs?


Everything's pre-loaded on the cartridge—even the calibration curve. All you need to do is add your sample and buffers and put the cartridge in Ella. Get up to 128 fully analyzed, reportable results in under 90 minutes!



Simple Plex cartridges let you choose what you want to do, when you want to do it. With over 160 validated Simple Plex assays to choose from, use the 32x4 and 16x4 formats for multiplexing, or the 72x1 for a single-analyte assay. For multi-analyte assays, cross-reactivity is eliminated as each analyte is detected in separate parallel channels.



Simple Plex assays are precisely controlled in the cartridge, so there's no chance of pipetting error. You'll get the same reproducible answers across multiple users and multiple sites.



Ella uses fluorescence detection, stretching what you can do with your samples. Not only can you detect low endogenous levels of proteins, but you can measure those proteins across a wider and more sensitive detection range too.



With just 25 µL of sample you get triplicate results for up to four analytes.


Want to learn more about Ella?

Watch the video to see the step by step process, from sample loading to analyzed data.

If you're curious about pricing, just send us your request.