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Bio-Techne Custom Antibody Services Case Studies

Bio-Techne has been providing the biotech and pharma industry with the most consistent and highly validated antibodies for over 30 years. We utilize the expertise of our antibody development scientists, as well as our recombinant antibody engineering technology and cutting-edge protocols, to solve manufacturing challenges for our pharma and diagnostic partners. Our recombinant antibody engineering capabilities are diverse. We can convert catalog and non-catalog hybridomas to recombinant antibodies with our proprietary expression platform, giving you a long-term supply of a high performing product. Or if a custom antibody is needed, we can use our modular cloning platform to build panels of antibodies with diverse formats and components to meet our partners’ specific needs.

Explore a few of our custom antibody projects to understand the breadth of our antibody engineering capabilities and why we are the partner of choice for pharma and biotech companies.

Existing Antibodies Reinvented into Novel Bispecific Antibodies

Antibody-Cytokine Fusion Proteins

Improving Manufacturability Through Expression Engineering

Unique Solutions for Custom Chimeric Antigen Receptor (CAR) Design


Custom Antibody Services

Leverage the experience and skill of our antibody development scientists for your custom antibody project. We utilize cutting edge technology to provide solutions to our customers’ problems.

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Biotechnology Licensing and Partnering

Bio-Techne has extensive experience in developing, manufacturing, and marketing innovative products. Learn more about the in-licensing and out-licensing opportunities we offer.