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Peggy Sue Protocols

Charge Your Research with Simple Western

Our eBook contains detailed protocols to study the following targets by Simple Western Charge:

p-EGFR  Caspase 3  p-JNK  cIAP1 
AKT  B2M Loading Control  p-p27/Kipl  GFP
PTEN  p-STAT3  4E-BP1  eEF2 
ALAS1 Loading Control  p-STAT5  4E-BP2  Mfn1
GSK-3α PLCγ1 Crk-L  Mfn2
GSK-3β ERK1/2  c-Myc Tag  Survivin 
Trx Loading Control  MEK1  HA Tag  Phospho-p38 
Hsp70 MEK2  ASNS  
Hsp70 Loading Control  Src  LDH  
eBook on Simple Western Charge