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Simple Western Charge Assays Enable Cutting-Edge Biomedical Research

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Characterizing the charge heterogeneity of biomolecules can provide profound insight into biological processes. For example, a protein’s charge heterogeneity will change in response to post-translational modifications like phosphorylation, and these changes may not be readily detectable by size-based assays like the traditional Western blot. Simple Western™ Charge assays on Peggy Sue™ and NanoPro™ 1000 separate proteins by capillary isoelectric focusing based on their pI and can be seamlessly followed up with a highly sensitive immunoassay detection and analysis. Simple Western Charge assays have been used extensively in biomedical research, creating charge heterogeneity fingerprints used to study topics related to cancer, neurological disease, diabetes, and more.

Protein Charge Analysis with icIEF on capillary electrophoresis platform Maurice