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Mixing it Up with Maurice’s cIEF On-Board Mixing

Maurice’s cIEF On-Board Mixing


Maurice®, the newest iCE family member, takes our gold-standard imaged cIEF technology to the next level by giving you unmatched ease-of-use and features like fluorescence detection for increased sensitivity. And you’ll still get the same great absorbance cIEF data quality and reproducibility that you’ve come to expect in just 10 minutes.

Maurice serially analyzes over 95 injections per batch so you can get a lot done at once. But what happens if your molecule isn’t stable sitting in the instrument mixed with ampholytes at a concentration that gives you linear charge heterogeneity data? Maurice has that problem solved! On-board mixing lets you add stable stocks of your molecule into Maurice at the beginning of your batch. The IEF master mix is mixed in with your sample right before sample injection, so you won’t ever have to worry about your sample degrading before it’s analyzed again. Plus, if you’re running a lot of samples with a platform method, onboard mixing saves you some hands-on time and minimizes user-to-user variability too.

In this application note, we compare the data collected on Maurice using both hand-mixed samples and samples mixed using the on-board feature.