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Immunoassays and Total Protein

We've put a few twists on the traditional immunoassay that makes them a lot easier to do, and added full-on automation.

Simple Plex application graph

Simple Plex

The Simple Plex™ assay run on Ella is a fully automated, multi-analyte, mini ELISA. You'll get the same specificity of a single-analyte ELISA, only with greater sensitivity and a broader dynamic range. Samples are split across isolated microfluidic channels containing analyte-specific, low surface area GNRs (glass nano reactors), so only very low sample volumes are needed. This also results in data that's free of cross-reactivity.

Simple Western Gels

Simple Western

Simple Western™ assays use antibody immunodetection to identify, quantitate and characterize target proteins. The entire immunodetection process takes place in a capilliary, and you'll only use a few nanoliters of reagent. Because of this unique capillary-based design, Simple Westerns are highly quantitative, incredibly sensitive and are completely automated too. Interested in looking at all the proteins in your lysate? Just leave out the antibody and you're good to go!