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Supporting Life Science Industries

R&D Systems has a long history of providing high-quality reagents that have been validated for a range of applications. Our satisfied clients include scientists working across pharmaceuticals, cell therapy, diagnostics, and biotechnology industries. 

This digital pack contains an overview of key protein and cell culture services available for industry, including:

  • Highly biologically active proteins
  • Expert custom protein services
  • Specialty cell culture media and supplements
  • GMP reagents for cell therapy manufacturing

Harness over 40 years of manufacturing expertise when you choose R&D Systems as a partner.

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Anthony Person, Ph.D.

“R&D Systems has a long history of providing our customers with the highest quality proteins on the market. Our team of scientists are dedicated to utilizing our cutting-edge expression and purification procedures to give our customers the best proteins available. We offer extensive analytical capabilities and bioassay services to ensure a protein has the physical characteristics and bioactivity that our customers require.”


Sr. Director of Protein Development, R&D Systems

Yas Heidari

“We routinely optimize our media formulations using design-of-experiments (DOE), and a diverse portfolio of recombinant proteins and small molecules. We also have a large bank of cells including primary cells for media testing and optimization. To keep our media and supplements as consistent and specific as possible, we have developed a host of in-house specialized assays to monitor growth, expansion, and differentiation for a variety of cell types.”


Product Manager, Protein & Cell Biology, EMEA

Lindsey Clarke

“Our ability to develop and manufacture over 90% of our reagents in-house is a core capability that sets us apart from the competition. It gives us remarkable control over reagent optimization during product development. In addition, development, manufacturing, and quality personnel are on site to quickly answer any question regarding reagent specifications and use.”


Head of Cell and Gene Therapy, EMEA

Cell and Gene Therapy Solutions

As a full-solution raw materials and services provider, we provide flexible and pioneering tools to simplify your workflow at every step of the manufacturing process.

Develop Custom Reagents and Assays

We offer custom development, manufacturing, and testing of proteins, antibodies, cell culture essentials, and assays. Get in touch to discuss your project requirements today.

Scale Up and Save – Bulk Orders

We offer bulk quantities available at a discounted price for our recombinant proteins, antibodies, and assays. Just let us know how much you need, when you need it, and your preferred aliquot sizing.