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Tools for Models Systems Research

graph showing the relationship between Relative Luciferase Activity (Mean RFU) and R-Spondin

Industry-Leading Proteins

Over 40 years of protein manufacturing knowledge and experience enables us to be first to market in new areas, as with our range of avi-tagged proteins and new proteins for COVID-19 research.

Unbeatable Biological Activity

Our scientists go the extra mile to develop proteins of the highest quality for your business.

  1. Methods to guarantee accurate protein folding ensure that our proteins are biologically relevant
  2. Over 2000 different bioactivity assays performed on our catalog proteins, we provide the most accurate and relevant activity data for your protein of interest

High Lot-to-lot Consistency and bioactivity of Human R-Spondin 1. Three independent lots of Recombinant Human R-Spondin 1 (R&D Systems, Catalog # 4645-RS) were tested for their ability to stimulate activation of beta-Catenin using a TOPflash beta-Catenin/TCF reporter assay in the HEK293T human kidney cell line, in the presence of 5 ng/mL Recombinant Mouse Wnt-3a (R&D Systems, Catalog # 1324-WN). Each trace represents data obtained from Recombinant Human R-Spondin 1 from a different manufacturing run.

Quality and Consistency Time After Time

We know that our partners need dependable products that deliver reproducible results, time after time. By investing in a Bio-Techne protein, you benefit from our rigorous quality control processes.

Extensive Quality Control

Our QC measures include lot specific Certificates of Analysis, dedicated manufacturing space, monitoring of product stability over shelf life and transparent traceability of raw materials.

infogrpahic detailing proteins data

Lot-to-Lot Consistency

Each new product lot is tested side-by-side with previous lots for purity, biological activity, and endotoxin level. We also routinely test a sample from an earlier lot to control for variability in the assay itself.

Low Endotoxin And Microbial Bioburden

Each new production lot is assessed for endotoxin using the LAL assay to ensure levels as low as <0.01 EU/ug. Microbial contamination is ruled out using both direct plating and broth dilution.

Accurate Proteins Sequences

N-terminal amino acid sequence analysis is performed for every recombinant protein we develop.

Buffer Systems

We take great care that our proteins are made, stored and shipped in physiologically relevant buffers for optimal bioactivity.

Your Business, Our Support

Harness Over 40 Years of Protein Manufacturing Expertise When You Choose Bio-Techne as a Partner

Through R&D Systems, Bio-Techne has a long history of providing our customers with the highest quality proteins on the market. Our team of scientists are dedicated to utilizing our cutting-edge expression and purification procedures to give our customers the best proteins available. We offer extensive analytical capabilities and bioassay services to ensure a protein has the physical characteristics and bioactivity that our customers require.”

Anthony Person, PH.D.
Sr. Director of Protein Development, R&D Systems

Bio-Techne is a leading manufacturer of proteins for research and clinical manufacturing, led by Protein Business Unit leader Anthony Person.
Fluorescent probes and dyes

Fluorescent Probes and Dyes

Tocris offers a broad range of fluorescent and bioluminescent reagents, to facilitate the visualization of sub-cellular components in live and fixed cells with high sensitivity and selectivity and to follow proteins and compounds in vivo with near-infrared imaging fluorophores.

Primate Model Immunoassays

Cynomolgus Monkey Proteins and Enzyme

R&D Systems offers an expanding line of Recombinant Cynomolgus Monkey proteins and Rhesus Macaque proteins. Because of the high degree of genetic similarity to humans, cynomolgus monkey is a popular model of choice for immunotherapy researchers interested in the field of checkpoint immunology. They are also used in toxicology and drug efficacy studies by the pharmaceutical industry.

Bulk bioprocessing reagents

Bulk Quote Form

Bio-Techne offers competitive discounts on bulk quantities of our Recombinant Proteins, Antibodies, Assays and Small Molecules as either individual or
multiple items.

IBU scientist in lab environment

Custom Protein Services

Proteins Designed to Meet Your Specific Research Needs

Your research may depend on sourcing unique proteins or specialized protein solutions, our Custom Protein Services team is here to assist you. We can also facilitate the specialized bottling if that is what your project needs.

GMP capabilites bio-reactor machine

GMP Capabilities

What is the end goal of your research? Good Manufacturing Practices are key to successful Cell & Gene Therapy programs. We can reduce your manufacturing risks by providing industry-leading quality, consistency, reliability, and capacity.


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