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Vaccine Development: Investigate

Take the first step in your vaccine development workflow and race to the finish line with reliable and rapid results! At Bio-Techne, we recognize that the behavior of a pathogen is critical for the design of efficacious vaccines. 

This is why we offer innovative and reliable solutions that accelerate and streamline your vaccine development workflow - from antibodies and recombinant proteins to automated protein detection and cutting-edge transcriptomics.

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Identify and interrogate new targets with small molecules

Investigate your pathogen of interest and its host interactions with our wide range of small molecules targeting viral, bacterial and host proteins. Small molecules are effective tools to help you to identify disease targets for vaccine and therapeutic development. 

We also support your search for new disease targets with our libraries of bioactive small molecules, including the library of FDA-approved compounds and custom Tocriscreen™ libraries, which are useful for phenotypic screening as well as drug-repurposing. In addition, we provide fluorescent probes and dyes to aid visualization of your target and its interactions with host cells.

Let Our Proteins Build Your Story

Have confidence in our high-quality recombinant proteins with proven biological activity specific to your pathogen of interest. We’ve utilized different expression models to ensure there’s always a protein to suit your research.

  • Low endotoxin: be sure that the cellular response you see is not down to endotoxin contamination with unparalleled purification and levels less than <0.10 EU per 1 μg.
  • Variety of tags: be confident that you can quickly and reliably detect your disease target and model protein interactions with our large selection of labelled proteins. From histidine to avidin tags - we’ve thought of everything so that you don’t have to.
  • Custom protein libraries: short on time and need to increase throughput? Select your proteins and let us do the hard work – we’ll prepare 96-well plates with your protein of interest so that you can reduce hands-on time and streamline your workflow.

Find the Right Antibody for your Research

Be confident in your results when modelling a disease of interest. Our extensive range of R&D Systems™ & Novus Biological™ antibodies are fully validated for specificity and reproducibility to ensure you get consistent results every time! Whether you are using flow cytometry, western blot, and immunohistochemistry applications, or developing an assay from scratch using matched antibody pairs or blocking/neutralization antibodies, you can be sure we’ve got you covered.

Accelerate your vaccine development workflow with Simple Western™

ProteinSimple Simple Western instruments family: Abby, Wes, Jess, Sally Sue, NanoPro 1000, and Peggy Sue

Meet the Simple Western family and discover the mechanism of action for your disease model, identify bioprocess impurities with SYPRO-Ruby beating sensitivity, and get multi-analyte characterization of the humoral response -- all in record time. What’s more, you can forget the manual, laborious steps associated with traditional Western blots, allowing you to focus on generating ground-breaking data!

Simple Western instruments offer fully automated, high throughput and fully analyzed results in just 3 hours! Saving you time to help speed your vaccine to the finish line.

Live the simple life with Simple Western.

Streamline vaccine quality with ProteinSimple instrument: Maurice

Characterize With Maurice

Need to assess critical quality attributes such as charge heterogeneity, purity, and identity of your proteins and delivery vectors for vaccines? Meet Maurice - he combines imaged capillary isoelectric focusing and capillary electrophoresis sodium dodecyl sulfate detection modes in one compact, easy-to-use instrument to get you high-quality, reproducible data in as quickly as 10 minutes per low-volume sample

Characterize with MFI

Characterize With MFI®

Don’t miss contaminants or aggregates in your vaccine product that could affect its safety or stability. Avoid formulation headaches or costly recalls by detecting and identifying these subvisible particles during development and QC with Micro-Flow Imaging (MFI), which directly images subvisible particles in solution, giving you the precise and accurate information you need to characterize your vaccine formulation.

Control vaccine quality with ProteinSimple instrument: Micro-Flow Imaging

RNA Through The Looking Glass - RNAScope™

Move with the times – don’t just believe your transcriptomics data, visualize it! Our innovative RNAscope in situ hybridization technology allows you to directly visualize your virus and estimate viral load with unparalleled specificity and sensitivity.

Maintain the morphological features of your sample and identify target cell types by simultaneously visualizing the cellular receptors facilitating viral entry into host cells.

Next steps – Examine The Immune Response

Looking to streamline your vaccine research? Our vaccine development workflow is designed by scientists for scientists - helping you get your vaccine to market faster.