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Meeting Your Vaccine Development Challenges with Speed and Accuracy

Quickly get to the reliable results you need with less effort and more accuracy! Vaccine development can be a race against the clock with a unique set of moving challenges, which is why we constantly innovate to deliver solutions that support, streamline and enhance each stage of your vaccine workflow.

From pathogenesis modelling and immune response profiling, through to vaccine efficacy and quality monitoring — discover the tailored solutions you really need, from validated antibodies and immunoassays to fully automated analytical instruments.

Researcher working on vaccine development experiments with gloves and lab goggles

Investigate - Model and Visualize

We’re here to help you get your vaccine to market faster. Discover how to streamline your vaccine research with our flexible, fully validated, and time-saving range of solutions - the most accurate way to investigate protein interactions, detect and visualize receptors, and block viral life cycles.

Examine the Immune Response

Let us alleviate the risks involved in your vaccine development workflow in record time and with minimal variability! We’ve designed complete solutions to help you investigate vaccine-mediated immune responses. From transcriptomic assessment to multiplex cytokine analysis - timely, hands-on protocols needn’t be a problem any longer.

Assess Vaccine Efficacy

Assessing vaccine efficacy needn’t be troublesome and laborious with our innovative and time-saving solutions! We’re on-hand to help you generate the most reproducible and reliable data with our extensive range of solutions, from fully validated antibodies and automated cytokine analysis to cutting-edge exosome technology.

Monitor Vaccine Quality

Be confident in the knowledge that your vaccines are of the highest quality with our meticulous, analytical solutions. From charged variant analysis to help you confirm vaccine stability through to sub-visible particulate monitoring ensuring patient safety, our products have got you covered.


Coronavirus Research Tools

帮助对抗 SARS-CoV-2 的新研究工具

Bio-Techne 的目标是通过支持 SARS-CoV-2 研究来领导抗击新冠疫情,帮助科学界了解新冠病毒感染机制,并推进有效疗法的开发。我们的生物活性细胞因子和生长因子、免疫细胞试剂和生物制剂仪器都被用于寻求针对这种新型冠状病毒的疗法。在此次研讨会中,Bio-Techne 研究人员将与演讲嘉宾一起讨论有关新冠肺炎研究方面令人振奋的话题。


cIEF and CE-SDS with iCE


现代疫苗开发依赖于各种技术。观看此次网络研讨会,了解 Merck、Medgene Labs 和 Bio-Techne 的科学家如何利用创新和自动化分析技术,支持从发现到 QC 和批次放行的整个疫苗开发流程。在此次网络研讨会中,我们将提供相关平台的简明技术概述,以及这些分析工具被用于疫苗开发工作流程的具体示例。

Luminex Fixation Application Note

Luminex 固定应用说明

处理传染性物质时,不再需要生物安全第三等级 (BSL 3) 或第四等级 (BSL 4) 防护下的昂贵设备和重复分析。下载此应用说明,了解如何将 R&D Systems® Luminex® 分析与标准固定方案相结合,以便在较低的生物安全等级 (BSL) 下利用共享设备运行分析。


定制 Luminex 服务

定制 Simple Plex 服务

定制 ELISA 服务

定制 Simple Western 或 Single-Cell Western 服务

Additional Resources

Additional Resources

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