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Generate Great Single-Cell Western Data with the Innoscan 710 Microarray Scanner

Measure protein expression heterogeneity in thousands of single cells

scWest chips can be scanned with any open format fluorescence microarray scanner to measure quantitative protein expression levels in each single-cell. If you already have access to a compatible microarray scanner, you’re all set! If not, the Innoscan 710 microarray scanner available from ProteinSimple™, a Bio-Techne brand, provides the best combination of sensitivity, scan time and resolution for scanning scWest chips.

InnoScan 710 Scanner


  • High Sensitivity 

  • Rapid scan speeds

  • Two color multiplexing


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Want to learn more about Single-Cell Westerns on Milo?

Milo lets you capture ~1,000 single cells and run 1,000 Single-Cell Westerns in parallel. Read our application note to learn how Milo lets you quantify expression heterogeneity of your target and the percentage of cells in your sample that are target positive.

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