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Do You Need to Automate your Particle Analysis?

Are you involved in formulation testing or setting up a stability study? Are you looking for rapid and robust sample analysis? MFI with Bot1 can help you get to your answer faster. Simply pipette your samples into a 96-well plate, hit go and walk away!

Bot1 gives you the throughput to develop your pharmaceutical formulation or manufacturing process fast and efficiently. In a single run Bot1 can handle up to 90 samples without manual intervention. Rated for up to 20 centipoise of viscosity MFI and Bot1 can handle the tough demands of modern biopharmaceutical formulations; giving you the analytical power you need to bring your product to market.

Fully Automated Particle Analysis

  • Increase throughput

  • Standardize sampling 

  • Walk-away automation


How can Bot1 help you?

Bot1 automates analysis of protein aggregates and particles by Micro-Flow Imaging, reducing the hands-on time for sample evaluation. He gives you the throughput to develop your pharmaceutical formulation or manufacturing process fast and efficiently. Read our application note to learn how to transfer a manual protocol to an automated format with the Bot1 autosampler and the MFI 5000 series.


Working with viscous samples?

Bot1’s got you covered. He can handle the tough conditions of pharmaceutical formulation development. Read our application note for some great tips on handling viscous samples and to learn how you quickly screen for any changes in levels of particle contaminants like protein aggregates and silicone oil in your biopharmaceutical formulation.

Sound too go to be true? See what others are saying about MFI with Bot1

"As a biosimilar company, we investigate whether our products are similar to reference material, and use the MFI to perform comparability and stability. We must test samples from a variety of sources... for all these samples, we chose the automated MFI with Bot1 because a manual-only system just wouldn't have enough throughput."

- Yuhwa Lee, Research Engineer, Samsung Bioepis

Want to learn more about MFI and Bot1?

Watch the video to learn how MFI and Bot1 can free you from tedious and manual pipetting.