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4 results for "excellerate" in Products

4 results for "excellerate" in Products

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Catalog #: CCM030
Catalog #: CCM031

Expansion and clonal growth of B cells.

ExCellerate B Cell Media Improves Expansion_CCM031
ExCellerate B Cell Media_Expansion_CD19_Flow Cytometry
ExCellerate B Cell Media_Clone Selection_Rabbit B Cells_CCM031
Mouse B Cell_ExCellerate B Cell Media_CCM031
Catalog #: CCM036

Animal Component-Free medium for human pluripotent stem cell culture

Figure 1. Superior expansion of hiPSCs with ExCellerate™ iPSC Expansion Medium
Catalog #: CCM032

For robust NK cell expansion under xeno-free conditions.

Fold Expansion of NK Cells using ExCellerate NK Expansion Media and Cloudz Human NK Cell Expansion Kit (CLD004)
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