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228 results for "cell culture media" in Products

228 results for "cell culture media" in Products

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N-2 MAX Media Supplement (100X)_AR009
Neural Progenitor Cells Expanded with N-2 Plus Media Supplement Express Nestin and SOX2.
Lot Consistency of N-2 MAX Media Supplement
Verification of Neural Progenitor Cell Multipotency Following Expansion with N-2 MAX Media Supplement. 
N-2 MAX Comparable to GMP N-2 MAX_AR009_AR016

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N21-MAX Media Supplement (50X)_AR008
N21-MAX Reduces Spontaneous Stress Rod Formation.
Improved Resolution of Rod Induction in Neurons Cultured in N21-MAX.
N21-MAX Media Supplement Enhances Synaptic Development.
Synaptotagmin and CAM Kinase II Expression in Neurons Cultured in Media Supplemented with N21-MAX.
Increased Synaptic Puncta and Neurite Outgrowth of Primary Neurons Cultured in N21-MAX.
N21-MAX Media Supplement Increases Efficiency of Pancreatic Cell Differentiation. 

Endothelial Cell Base Media plus Supplement

Endothelial Cell Growth Media Supports Cell Proliferation of Human Umbilical Cord Endothelial Cells (HUVECs).
Human Umbilical Cord Endothelial Cells (HUVECs) Express Endothelial Cell Markers CD31, KDR, and vWF. 
Increased HUVEC Survival and CD31 Expression Compared to Competitor Endothelial Cell Media. 
Improved Yield of Murine CD31+PDGFa- Lung Cells using Endothelial Cell Growth Media
Improved Proliferation of Primary Human Dermal Lymphatic Endothelial Cells_CCM027
Improved Yield of Murine Lung Epithelial Cells using Endothelial Cell Growth Media_CCM027
Endothelial Cell Growth Media
Catalog #: 390598
Phenotypic Analysis of Human MSCs Expanded in StemXVivo® MSC Expansion Media. 
Phenotypic Analysis of Mouse MSCs Expanded in StemXVivo® MSC Expansion Media.
StemXVivo Mesenchymal Stem Cell Expansion Media
Catalog #: CCM030
Catalog #: CCM031

Expansion and clonal growth of B cells.

ExCellerate B Cell Media Improves Expansion_CCM031
ExCellerate B Cell Media_Expansion_CD19_Flow Cytometry
ExCellerate B Cell Media_Clone Selection_Rabbit B Cells_CCM031
Mouse B Cell_ExCellerate B Cell Media_CCM031
Catalog #: CCM010
Proliferative Response of Cultured CD3/CD28 Primed T cells in Human StemXVivo® Serum-Free T Cell Base Media. 
Phenotypic Analysis of Cultured Monocyte-derived Dendritic Cells Before and After LPS-induced Maturation. 
Mature Monocyte-derived Dendritic Cells Induce Proliferation of Allogenic T Cells
Detection of Osteocalcin in Human MSCs-differentiated Osteocytes. 
Detection of Osteopontin in Mouse MSC-differentiated Osteocytes.
Detection of Osteocalcin in Rat MSC-differentiated Osteocytes. 
Detection of FABP4 in Human MSC-differentiated Adipocytes.
Detection of FABP4 in Mouse MSC-differentiated Adipocytes
Detection of FABP4 in Rat MSC-differentiated Adipocytes.
StemXVivo Osteogenic/Adipogenic Base Media
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