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2 results for "Antiviral Compounds" in Products

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2 results for "Antiviral Compounds" in Products

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α-glucosidase I and II inhibitor; also inhibits ceramide-specific glycosyltransferases and exhibits broad spectrum antiviral activity

Alternate Names : N-Butyldeoxynojirimycin hydrochloride, NB-DNJ
Chemical Name : (2R,3R,4R,5S)-1-Butyl-2-(hydroxymethyl)-3,4,5-piperidinetriol hydrochloride
Glycosylase Inhibitors Small Molecule
Catalog #: 6652

Oligosaccharyltransferase (OST) inhibitor; anti-flaviviral

Chemical Name : 5-[(Dimethylamino)sulfonyl]-N-(5-methyl-2-thiazolyl)-2-(1-pyrrolidinyl)benzamide
Purity : ≥98% (HPLC)
Other Transferase Inhibitors Small Molecule
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