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Testimonials From Your Peers

Read testimonials from your peers, to find out how scientists like you are driving pioneering research and diagnostics forward using Bio-Techne reagents, kits and instruments.

Our testimonials cover a range of research areas and methods, using everything from gold standard to GMP reagents, and revolutionary, award-winning instruments.

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  • Ella Promises Better Clinical Care for Acute Respiratory Failure and Sepsis

    Simple Plex

    There is enormous potential value for applying Ella in a personalized medicine setting.

  • Profiling Host Responses in COVID-19 Infections: Accelerating Biomarker Research with Ella

    Simple Plex

    A major advantage of Ella is that it’s very easy to use with virtually no maintenance, and it’s really fast. Simply dilute your sample and you’re ready to go—without the need for manual preparations that can take time and add user variability.

  • Yuhwa's Biosimilars Analysis is a Slam-dunk with Micro-Flow Imaging + Bot1

    Micro-flow Imaging (MFI)

    As a biosimilar company, we investigate whether our products are similar to reference material, and use the MFI to perform comparability and stability. We must test samples from a variety of sources... for all these samples, we chose the automated MFI with Bot1 because a manual-only system just wouldn't have enough throughput.

  • Amber Raises the Bar on Product Quality with Micro-Flow Imaging (MFI)

    Micro-flow Imaging (MFI)

    We’re able to do extended analysis with images provided by MFI and then bridge this data with other techniques to identify and rapidly classify particles in solution. This helps our clients understand their products better and ensure they are providing the highest quality product to their patients.

  • Automated Capillary Electrophoresis: A Technological Renaissance at the Heart of Biopharmaceuticals

    Imaged Capillary Electrophoresis (iCE)

    I think that the data we produced [on Maurice] shows excellent quality, due to the precise and reliable Maurice instrument.

  • Narendra Sees More in His Immunoblots with the FluorChem Q Imager


    The FluorChem Q gives me clean and publication-quality results. This has helped me enormously to do accurate protein analysis which is very critical for preclinical validation of drugs.

  • Elena Unlocks Immune Cell Potential with Simple Western and CRISPR/Cas9

    Simple Western

    I used Simple Western because the protein samples I had were small. We only had a small number of [iPSC-derived macrophages] because the cell line does not proliferate.

  • Muhammad Uses Simple Western to Chart Stem Cell Signaling Pathways

    Simple Western

    Protein analysis using [Simple Western] can be performed faster, eliminating tedious work and saving time.

  • Investigating Resolution of Inflammation with Jess

    Simple Western

    Jess is a user-friendly, multi-purpose platform that gives me the possibility to perform Western blot analysis on precious samples, as well as quantifying proteins expressed in the cells at the same time." Searching for key inflammation molecules

  • Stephanie Gets the Whole Stability Profile of Therapeutic Molecules During Formulation Development with MFI

    Micro-flow Imaging (MFI)

    "MFI technology has allowed us to better understand what conditions promote stability of our therapeutic molecules, which ensures that only world-class medicines are delivered to patients."

  • Joan Kicks Her Method Development into High Gear with iCE3

    Imaged Capillary Electrophoresis (iCE)

    "The short run times and easy sample preparation allowed for method development within a day or two. The versatility of the instrument allows the possibility of offering clients rapid alternatives to traditional ID and charge heterogeneity assays."

  • Delving into the Complexities of Endometrial Receptivity with Simple Western

    Simple Western

    Our lab came across ProteinSimple’s Simple Western platforms in 2014 and was surprised by the sensitivity and specificity of the technology, as well as its minimal usage of consumables.