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Testimonials From Your Peers

Read testimonials from your peers, to find out how scientists like you are driving pioneering research and diagnostics forward using Bio-Techne reagents, kits and instruments.

Our testimonials cover a range of research areas and methods, using everything from gold standard to GMP reagents, and revolutionary, award-winning instruments.

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  • Measuring Immune Response to Predict Changes in Autoimmune Disease Activity

    Luminex Instrumentation

    We needed assays that were not only excellent at conserving our limited sample volumes but would allow us to test a lot of markers quickly and efficiently. The Luminex and Simple Plex assays proved to be the ideal choice in this case, giving us a level of accuracy and reproducibility that we’ve been unable to get with other platforms.

  • Paulomi Fast-tracks Detection of Viral Responses During Pregnancy with Ella

    Simple Plex

    Simple Plex assays on Ella gave us speed and efficiency so we could complete our assays quickly, and the high quality of the data meant that we could easily see differences between disease state samples and controls. Plus, sample preparation was so simple it reduced chances of errors significantly.

  • Angiogenesis and the Search for Novel Biomarkers

    Simple Plex

    Ella allows for reproducible sample data with minimal sample input. The lower volume usage allows for the expansion of research into novel areas of angiogenesis and inflammation as they pertain to many forms of cancer.

  • Simplifying and Expediting Inflammatory Biomarker Research with Ella

    Simple Plex

    Ella is the closest I’ve seen to my goal of one day having a Star Trek-like tricorder. I can take just 25 μL of serum, add it to a cartridge, and in 90 minutes have immune profiling data.

  • Characterizing T-cell Immune Responses Against SARS-CoV-2 with Ella

    Simple Plex

    Ella is a simple and fast immunoassay platform that would be ideal for implementation in higher biosafety facilities, like BSL-3, to study the acute phase of SARS-CoV-2 infection.

  • Ella Promises Better Clinical Care for Acute Respiratory Failure and Sepsis

    Simple Plex

    There is enormous potential value for applying Ella in a personalized medicine setting.

  • Profiling Host Responses in COVID-19 Infections: Accelerating Biomarker Research with Ella

    Simple Plex

    A major advantage of Ella is that it’s very easy to use with virtually no maintenance, and it’s really fast. Simply dilute your sample and you’re ready to go—without the need for manual preparations that can take time and add user variability.

  • Dr. Leligdowicz Speeds Up the Transition of Pediatric Sepsis Biomarkers from Validation to the Clinic with Ella

    Simple Plex

    Ella allows us to rapidly quantify biomarkers from hundreds of cryopreserved samples and correlate them to specific outcomes. Now we’re ready to validate that what we identified in frozen plasma samples correlates to fresh blood samples taken at the point-of-care. Ella’s simplicity and reproducibility will allow us to reliably test samples across different sites, enhancing triage especially in remote locations of developing countries where access to trained healthcare professionals is unlikely.