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Increased Sensitivity and Fast Charge Heterogeneity Analysis with Maurice

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Most post-translational and degradation events affect the biological activity of therapeutic proteins, making charge heterogeneity analysis a critical quality attribute when assessing molecule efficacy. Regulatory agencies require characterization of charge variants as well as monitoring them throughout the product development and manufacturing process. The iCE platform reproducibly delivers this data in less than 10 minutes per injection. A simple workflow adds the ability to quickly develop platform methods giving you the gold standard for protein charge heterogeneity characterization. In this poster, we introduce the new member of the iCE family, Maurice. Maurice delivers the same high quality data as the iCE3 system and also adds the Native Fluorescence (NF) detection mode for higher sensitivity. NF detection gives you 4x higher sensitivity compared to absorbance, potentially decreasing the need to desalt samples or add urea to prevent molecule aggregation. Additionally, reduced ampholyte background in the fluorescence detection mode gives you more options when it comes to improving profile resolution. Resulting separations had baseline resolution with %CV < 2% for peak with higher than10% composition over 100 injections. Data is automatically analyzed for you at the end of the run using Compass for iCE.

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