Visualize Neural Cells

Visualize Your Target of Interest in Live Cells, Fixed Cells, or Tissue
Visualize neural cells

Innovative Products for Detecting Proteins and RNA

Navigating the organizational complexity and cell-type heterogeneity of the nervous systems often requires probing gene and protein expression profiles in neural cells and tissue. Bio-Techne offers a versatile and innovative set of tools for visualizing cellular morphology, target antigens, or RNA expression in live cells, fixed cells, or tissue.

Tools for Specific and Reliable ICC/IHC Results

Immunocytochemistry (ICC) and immunohistochemistry (IHC) are commonly used to detect, localize, and quantify proteins in cells and tissue. Bio-Techne offers a complete set of reagents optimized for specific and reliable ICC/IHC staining so you can trust your results.

R&D Systems Products for ICC/IHC

Novus Biologicals Products for ICC/IHC

Antibody Conjugation Products/Services


Quantitative Molecular Detection with Morphological Context

Bio-Techne offers an innovative solution for single RNA molecule detection and quantification in individual cells.

Learn more about Advanced Cell Diagnostics® (ACD) RNAscope® In Situ Hybridization (ISH) Assays

  • Highly sensitive, single RNA molecule detection at single-cell resolution
  • Proprietary probe design ensures target specific binding while preventing signal amplification of non-specific hybridization
  • Totally universal, works for virtually any gene from any species in any tissue
  • Can be used with IHC to investigate mRNA and protein colocalization


Fluorescent Dyes and Probes for Neuroscientists

Fluorescent imaging reagents enable researchers to visualize their target of interest, be it an ion, a specific protein, or a sub-cellular compartment or intracellular structure. The Tocris® range of reagents includes fluorescent dyes for conjugation to target molecules, such as antibodies, suitable for use in live and fixed cells. Fluorescent probes, labels and stains for the detection of ions, nucleic acids, proteins and cell types are also available.

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Fluorescent Imaging