Isolate and Activate

Does your model take you from bench to bedside?

Get more predictive data from your preclinical culture

Cell culture systems have provided researchers with an immense amount of mechanistic knowledge, yet the demand for more predictive translation to in vivo models points to the need for improved methods. Our industry-leading products are stringently screened for lot-to-lot consistency, optimized for specific cell-type growth, and available in published protocols to best support your ability to generate reproducible results.

Advance your cell culture workflow with high-quality, cell type-specific products and reagents that produce an optimally healthy cell culture that’s ready for downstream applications.

Whether your goal is to activate, monitor, identify, or characterize, we have the tools to thoroughly investigate molecular pathways, signaling mechanisms, and cell subtypes for in vitro, in vivo, and ex vivo model systems.

Designed to specifically meet requirements for use as ancillary reagents during cell therapy development and manufacturing, our GMP-grade proteins and small molecules reassure your process!

  • Find GMP proteins, including cell-type specific and Animal-Free™ options
    • Seamlessly switch from traditional grade research material, as our GMP-grade proteins often originate from the same clone, sequence, and expression system
  • Browse our highly recommended GMP small molecules
    • We support your transition to GMP early in the cell therapy development process, offering reliability, traceability, and consistency of supply.
  • See more of our clinical solutions for cell and gene therapy