In-Process Characterization

Cell culture and purification bioprocess optimization relies on close monitoring of the purity, identity, and functionality of your biologic. Our unmatched instruments and services enable rigorous purity, identity, and activity assays to ensure that your product is what you expect.

Take advantage of R&D Systems experience from developing over 600 industry-leading Quantikine® ELISA Kits. These kits are exhaustively tested to ensure superior inter- and intra-assay precision, recovery, linearity, and sensitivity. Our Immunoassay Services can put that expertise to work for you by designing and optimizing an assay for your process.

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Antigen Specificity

Anti-idiotype antibodies are valuable for confirming the critical antigen recognition of your therapeutic monoclonal. Our anti-IDs are specifically designed and tested in combination with R&D Systems® biosimilar antibodies. Our quality control includes bridging assays, flow cytometry, binding inhibition, and direct ELISA testing.

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Anti-Idiotype Antibodies

We offer a complete selection of bioactive Fc Receptor proteins and FcR antibodies for use in immunoassay development. Confirm that the constant region of your therapeutic monoclonal antibody shows the intended binding or lack of binding to specific Fc receptors.

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Fc Receptor Reagents

We test the activity of every one of our recombinant enzymes with a validated assay which we can adapt to confirm the activity of your biologic enzyme. Our enzymatic assays cover proteases and their inhibitors, kinases and phosphatases, glycosyltransferases, lipid metabolism enzymes, oxidases and oxygenases, and more.

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Enzymatic Assays