Formulation in Bioprocessing

Ensure that your biologic is stable in solution and sails through stress testing. Our high-throughput instruments will help you quickly identify the optimum salts, pH, and excipients for your buffers.

High throughput analytical instrumentation from ProteinSimple efficiently compares the formulation effects of multiple buffer conditions on protein aggregation, degradation, and fragmentation. Each of these platforms operates in a bioprocessing environment with 21 CFR Part 11-compliant software, so you can be confident in the integrity of your results.

  • Simple Western Systems automate size and charge immunoassays. Up to 96 samples/run at 11-19 hours each.

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  • Micro-Flow Imaging analyzes protein aggregation for stability measurements following stress testing. Up to 90 samples/run, and up to 150 µL/minute at 900,000 particles/mL.

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  • Maurice iCE instruments perform automated cIEF and CE-SDS analyses. Up to 100 samples/run at 6-10 minutes each for cIEF charge assay, and up to 48 samples/run at 25-35 minutes each for CE-SDS size assay.

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Analytical Platforms