Clone Selection

The upstream stage of the bioprocessing workflow identifies the production clone that will generate your biologic. Thorough screening at this stage will help you select your best clone early in the process to save time and money downstream.

Whether you’re screening preliminary clones or identifying a production clone, our automated, high-throughput assay platforms let you quickly analyze complex cell culture samples for the highest yield of your biologic.

Simple Western™ systems from ProteinSimple separate and analyze proteins by either immunoassay or total protein content. Quantitate expression levels as well as fragmentation in a gel-free, blot-free format.

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Maurice iCE™ from ProteinSimple is a capillary electrophoresis platform that automates protein profiling by size or charge. Maurice streamlines cIEF and CE-SDS method development and data analysis for proteins, monoclonals, ADCs, and vaccines.

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Cell Culture Screening

Ensure that your preliminary and production clones are truly clonal. Confirm that the expression level of your product is consistent across cells in the culture.

Milo™ Single-Cell Western Assays analyze protein expression and identity in ~1000 individual cells in a single run. Analyze up to 12 proteins simultaneously to compare your product with other cellular proteins.

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Cell Heterogeneity