Bioprocessing: From Start to Finish


Rely on us to provide top-quality instrumentation, GMP reagents, and services for your biologics production. For the clinical grade manufacture of growth factors, anti-cancer proteins, monoclonal antibodies, and conjugates, Bio-Techne offers an outstanding product selection and the flexibility to meet your requirements.

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  1. Instrumentation for Clone Selection and Monoclonality Analysis

    Clone Selection

    The upstream stage of the bioprocessing workflow identifies the production clone that will generate your biologic. Thorough screening at this stage will help you select your best clone early in the process to save time and money downstream.

    Screen Your Cultures
  2. GMP Reagents and Cell Culture Media

    Cell Culture Development

    Give your production clone the right culture supplements to perform at its best. Our premium growth and production-enhancing cytokines, growth factors, and small molecules will enable you to optimize cell growth, viability, and biologic product expression.

    Boost with GMP Supplements
  3. Bioactivity and Binding Assays to Confirm Product Function

    Functional Characterization

    Our technology takes advantage of the selective action of glycosyltransferases on substrate glycans to provide the most specific glycan visualization assays on the market.

    Test Your Product’s Bioactivity
  4. High-throughput Instruments for Screening Buffer Components


    Ensure that your biologic is stable in solution and sails through stress testing. Our high-throughput instruments will help you quickly identify the optimum salts, pH, and excipients for your buffers.

    Screen Multiple Buffer Compositions
  5. 21 CFR Platforms to Monitor Contaminants and Biologic Heterogeneity

    Final Product Charaterization

    Have confidence in our robust, thoroughly validated, and 21 CFR Part 11-compliant instrument platforms for your bioprocessing workflow. They’ll demonstrate the integrity of your final product and confirm that residual contaminants are within regulatory limits.

    Cross the Finish Line