Research Areas

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Bio-Techne Research Areas

Advance your research with our extensive product offerings in these important fields of study. We break down each research area with subtopic pages and tabs to help you find key reagents, assays, and instruments. Links within each tabbed section will take you to our robust and well-characterized products. You’ll appreciate how each of our brands contributes to Bio-Techne’s support of life science research!


We meet your bioprocessing operations requirements with 21 CFR-compliant instruments, GMP reagents, and custom services.

Cancer Profiling

Achieve actionable insights with solutions that empower you to discover, validate, and verify cancer biomarkers.

Cardiovascular Biology

Let us help advance your cardiovascular system research. We cover angiogenesis, vascular cell types, coagulation, hypertension, and inflammation.


We’re the industry-leaders for the visualization of terminal glycans and the detection of specific carbohydrate-protein modifications.


We’ll boost your research while you isolate and activate, visualize and characterize, verify and quantify cells and their activities in immuno-oncology.


Accelerate your research with our wide selection of tools for isolating, culturing, and characterizing different immune cell types and investigating the molecules that regulate their activities.


Our premium reagents and assays will streamline your research into the endocrine and biochemical regulation of lipid metabolism, glucose homeostasis, and energy balance.


We offer a broad array of tools for the culture, visualization, modulation, and analysis of neural cells.