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To streamline your workflow and enable your program to reach the clinic faster, we now offer our best-selling animal-free RUO and GMP immune cell therapy cytokines in a liquid formulation.

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Liquid Cytokines Eliminate the Need for a Reconstitution Step

Designed to simplify your complex processes, liquid frozen cytokines streamline your workflow, simplify your protocol, and achieve greater research efficiencies by eliminating the reconstitution step. This removes the risk of errors associated with reconstitution plus eliminates the need to maintain a sterile reconstitution buffer. With ready-to-use liquid formulations, you can focus on what matters most: making groundbreaking discoveries. Simply thaw and add to your cell culture.

Protein stability is paramount to ensure safety, bioactivity, and minimal variability. With this in mind, we have optimized protein concentrations and conducted extensive stability testing. You can rest assured of the potency and effectiveness of the liquid cytokines over time, ensuring consistent performance and reliable outcomes for your cell therapy.

Liquid Animal-Free GMP and RUO Proteins

Liquid formulations for these proteins are currently available to ship to the United States, Canada, and Europe. We are working to expand shipping to other parts of the world.

Protein Name

GMP Proteins

AF RUO Proteins


BT-002-GMP-050/LQ (50 μg)

BT-002-GMP-01M/LQ (1 mg)

BT-002-AFL-050/LQ (50 μg)

BT-002-AFL-01M/LQ (1 mg)


BT-007-GMP-025/LQ (25 μg)

BT-007-AFL-025/LQ (25 μg)


BT-015-GMP-025/LQ (25 μg)

BT-015-AFL-025/LQ (25 μg)

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