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Bio-Techne 2021 Calendar

Bio-Techne’s 2021 wall calendar features 3-dimensional scientific illustrations that were created by our own professional 3-D artist, who works closely with Bio-Techne scientists to develop accurate, eye-catching graphics that will appeal to anyone who shares our love of science. Each illustration is a unique creation that is intended to visually depict a specific molecule, pathogen, cell type, or research area, and bring the subject to life for the viewer. The illustrations included in this year’s calendar highlight different products that our brands specialize in developing and manufacturing or vibrant research areas, such as immuno-oncology, cell and gene therapy, neuroscience, organoids, SARS-CoV-2, stem cells, and cardiovascular biology. For all of these areas, Bio-Techne offers an expanding portfolio of world-class reagents, assays, and innovative instruments that enable researchers to investigate the mechanisms regulating the development of various diseases and identify and characterize the functions of potential therapeutic targets. Each illustration in the calendar also references a page on our website where you can get more information on the featured topics and the tools that we offer to advance your research in these areas. So if you want to decorate your office space or lab throughout the year with some amazing scientific illustrations, request a free copy of our 2021 calendar today while supplies last!

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