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November 2021

GMP Protein Production Facility

Announcing the opening of our new state of the art GMP manufacturing facility, built with cell therapies in mind! It's entirely animal-free and has large-scale bioreactors with room for expansion, backed by experienced manufacturing, quality, and regulatory teams. Our first cytokine to roll off the line is GMP Human IL-7.

September 2021

ExCellerate™ iPSC Expansion Medium

Discover our NEW ExCellerate™ iPSC Expansion Medium, a novel animal component-free medium that supports robust expansion and maintenance of human pluripotent stem cells.

Carterra Logo

Bio-Techne and Carterra have initiated a clinical research collaboration for COVID-19 variant analysis. We are bringing together cutting-edge technologies and expertise to advance the world's understanding of COVID-19 variants' mechanism of action.

Learn from industry experts in our new eBook: iPSCs From the Bench to the Clinic. Explore QC guidelines for clinical-grade iPSC lines and raw material qualification for stem cell therapy manufacturing. Written in collaboration with RegMedNet.

August 2021

TcBuster graphic

Genome Engineering Services for Cell Therapy Manufacturing. This brochure describes the benefits of using TcBuster, our non-viral gene transfer system and our range of services for GMP cell engineering.

GMP ProDots Proteins Brochure

New User Guide: GMP ProDots™ Proteins. Our guide shows how the ProDots formulation enables closed processing addition of cytokines to culture media and reduces the risk for cell therapy manufacturing.

Webinars of Interest

Cell & Gene Therapy Manufacturing Logo

Learn about "Scalable and Customizable Solutions for Cell and Gene Therapy Manufacturing" from Bio-Techne’s Nithya Jesuraj, PhD who is presenting at Cell & Gene Therapy Manufacturing & Commercialization on September 21.

3D Culture & Organoids Webinar

Join our upcoming webinar “Latest Tools for 3D Cell Culture & Organoids” hosted by Bio-Techne's Yas Heidari, Ph.D. This webinar will cover how these tools can overcome common 3D and organoid culture challenges.

image of gowned worker and bioreactor in GMP manufacturing facility

Join our on-demand webinar “Fitting Product to Process – Raw Materials Customization for Cell Therapy Manufacturing Success”. This webinar discusses customization case studies and how to identify the right suppliers for your process.

CGT Manufacturing Solutions Brochure

Join our on-demand webinar with two parts. The first talk addresses optimizing research and GMP ex vivo stem cell models, and the second talk presents Bio-Techne’s workflow solutions for immunotherapy manufacturing processes.

International Society Cell & Gene Therapy (ISCT) logo

We recently presented a tutorial at ISCT “Challenges in Scaling Analytics for Cell and Gene Therapy”.

We recently presented at the Innate Killer Summit “Creating Streamlined NK Cell Activation Workflows”.

MFI Instrument- NK Cells

Natural Killer cells or contaminant? Image based Micro-Flow Imaging (MFI) for sub-visible particle solution in cell therapy manufacturing.

Regenerative Medicine Image 2

AAV Symposium: Characterization and Biodistribution in Gene Therapy

A scientist in a cleanroom looks through a microscope

Bio-Techne Tools for Cell-Based Therapies

Customizing raw materials can support cell therapy manufacturing success.

Fitting Products to Process: The Role of Customization for Cell Therapy Manufacturing Success, A Webinar Hosted with Cell and Gene Therapy Insights.

Cloudz™ reagents activate and expand natural killer cells for use in cell therapies.

NK Cell Therapies – Harnessing the Power of the Innate Immune System. A Cell and Gene Therapy Symposia Series webinar hosted by Bio-Techne and ScaleReady. This event focuses on NK Cell Therapies and features talks from several different leaders in the space.