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Cell Activation Kits

Cloudz™ for Cell Activation and Expansion
Discover how Cloudz streamline the cell expansion and/or activation step.

The Sky Is The Limit

Cloudz is a customizable cell activation and expansion platform that reduces the complexity of cell processing. Cloudz microspheres are dissolvable, eliminating the extra handling step for clearing the reagent from your cultures.


Cloudz Expansion Protocol – A Simple 3-step Process

  • Add Cloudz to your cell culture.
  • Incubate cell culture with Cloudz for at least 2 days.
  • Add release buffer to dissolve Cloudz microspheres.

Expanded cells are ready for use, free of residual particulates.

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Bio-Techne believes in the power of partnerships. We have joined with Fresenius Kabi and Wilson Wolf to bring you ScaleReady for immune cell therapy manufacturing.

ScaleReady brings cell and gene therapies to life by streamlining manufacturing processes across cell culture, cell activation and expansion, gene editing, and cell processing.

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Customizing Your Cloudz Kit

Fine tune cell activation by modulating the receptors and signal transduction pathways of your choice. The flexibility of the Cloudz platform enables addition of any cytokine or antibody to dissolvable microspheres to optimize a specific cell culture process.

Cloudz for isolation and cell culture for T cells

Customize Your Cloudz With Ligand Choice

  • Leverage thousands of catalog and non-catalog antibodies and proteins, or bring your own
  • Functionalize custom Cloudz with several ligands or several custom Cloudz with a single ligand
  • Choose Cloudz sizes from 2-200 µm to match your application

Customize Your Cloudz For Process Development and Analytics

  • Readily transition discovery stage custom Cloudz into GMP-grade material for clinical processes
  • Receive QC assay support for Cloudz ligand detection, Cloudz size determination, and residuals quantitation
  • Combine cell culture evaluation with protocol adaptation for specific culture platforms (e.g. G-Rex® bioreactors, bags, plates)

Screening Cloudz

Screening cloudz ligandz cell

A Customizable Platform for Tuning Cell Expansion and Activation Protocols

Screening Cloudz enable you to discover the most effective ligands for your particular assay. They’re derivatized with streptavidin which means you have the flexibility to functionalize them with the biotinylated ligand of your choice. The sky is the limit!

Once you have identified your optimum ligands, we can manufacture a Cloudz kit at the scale you need.

Screening cloudz method

Unmatched Flexibility With Screening Cloudz

  • Target the cell surface molecules of your choice
  • Evaluate multiple antibody clones, protein constructs, or small molecule analogs
  • Optimize the number of ligands per microsphere
  • Optimize cocktails of Cloudz carrying different ligands
  • Evaluate stepwise cell activation by using different beads sequentially
  • Target inhibitory receptors with antagonistic ligands

Supporting Reagents and Services

Cloudz Kits for Immune Cell Activation and Expansion

Having a reliable and scalable cell expansion platform is critical for a growing manufacturing process. Cloudz kits are available in RUO and GMP-grade to support consistent and seamless process translations. If you do not see the ligands optimal to your process, contact our Custom Services team to develop a customized kit.


Expansion Capacity



Optimized For Use With

Cloudz Human T Cell Activation Kits

> 50-fold expansion of T cells from PBMCs or purified T cells in 10 days


Fully Humanized CD3 and CD28 Antibodies

ExCellerate Human T Cell Expansion Media, Recombinant Proteins, GMP Proteins

Cloudz Human Treg Cell Activation Kits

500-fold expansion of Treg cells from CD4+ T cells in 9 days


Fully Humanized CD3 and CD28 Antibodies

ProDots Recombinant Human IL-2 GMP ProteinExCellerate Human T Cell Expansion Media, Recombinant Proteins, GMP Proteins

Cloudz Human NK Cell Expansion Kit

>100-fold expansion of NK cells in 10 days


Mouse CD2 and NKp46 Antibodies

Recombinant Human IL-2ExCellerate Human NK Cell Expansion Media, Recombinant Proteins

Cloudz Human NK Cell Expansion Kit (Coming Soon)

>100-fold expansion of NK cells in 10 days


Fully Humanized CD2 and NKp46 Antibodies

Recombinant Human IL-2ExCellerate Human NK Cell Expansion Media, Recombinant Proteins

Serum-Free and Animal-Free Cell Culture


Increase the consistency of your cell cultures as you approach translational studies for regenerative medicine and cell therapy programs. Adopting these media will

  • Reduce variability in media composition
  • Simplify compliance with regulatory guidelines
  • Simplify comparability testing for raw material changes
Adherent cells in culture supported by extracellular matrix
image of T Cell-Based Therapies eBook

This new eBook provides an overview of several biological and manufacturing challenges facing the development and production of T cell therapies. It follows with examples of how Bio-Techne products and services can address these challenges at each stage of the process.