Cell Separation

Cell Separation

A New Era for Cell Manufacturing

Innovating Cell Separation for Cell Therapy

Obtaining and qualifying a robust starting cell population is the essential first step for an ex vivo manufacturing workflow. This process must be efficient, clean, and reproducible. By coupling innovative cell selection technologies with robust flow cytometry antibodies for cell qualification, Bio‑Techne is creating a new standard for cell separation.

Simplifying Cell and Gene Therapy Through Innovation

Our pioneering Cloudz™ dissolvable hydrogel is designed for the gentle capture and instantaneous release of cells, making it perfect for the optimization and future automation of cell separation. Cloudz Cell Selection is currently available as a custom solution.

Start your Cloudz Cell Selection Solution by specifying:

  • Desired cell type
  • Antibody conjugation
  • Hydrogel size
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Cloudz particles bind to cells

Collect and Qualify

The quality of the cells that enter your manufacturing pipeline will directly impact the efficiency of your cell expansion or differentiation protocols. Establish standardized, long-term cell qualification protocols using Bio-Techne antibodies.

Solutions that make this possible:


Start at Discovery. Go to the Clinic.

R&D Systems

Grow your research into a therapy with innovative tools and trusted reagents. Bio-Techne is a full workflow provider from discovery to the clinic, including research-grade cell separation and phenotyping tools.

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Custom Solutions for Cell Therapy

R&D Systems

Efficient workflows often require customized solutions. Put our decades of experience to work for you.
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