Cell Culture

Cell Culture

Scale-up with Flexibility and Safety

Reliable GMP Ancillary Materials for Cell Therapy

GMP ancillary and raw materials must provide robust performance in cell manufacturing workflows. With our focus on quality, innovation, supply chain continuity, and traceability, Bio‑Techne GMP reagents are the reliable solution for your cell culture expansion and differentiation protocols.

Easy, Robust, and Flexible

Establishing a robust, safe, closed-culture immune cell expansion protocol is required for cell therapy manufacturing. Cloudz™ Cell Activation Kits, featuring pioneering antibody-conjugated dissolvable microparticles, is the solution cell manufacturing has been waiting for.

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  • Magnetic-bead free antibody-conjugated dissolvable microparticles
  • Add just once to to your cell culture
  • Robust cell expansion
  • Dissolve microparticles in < 10 seconds
  • Clean cell recovery
  • Manufactured under GMP control
Dissolvable Microparticles

Designed for Ex Vivo Manufacturing

Traceability and scalability are equally as important as quality. GMP Proteins from R&D Systems are designed with all three in mind.

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Quality and Documentation

GMP products are manufactured, tested, and released under an ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 13485:2016 quality management system.

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GMP Protein vials

Designed for Ex Vivo Manufacturing

Small molecules are crucial for expansion and differentiation of stem cell therapies. Tocris Bioscience is the exclusive source of GMP small molecules!

Y-27632 (ROCK inhibitor)

SB 431542 (TGF-β R1 inhibitor)

CHIR 99021 (GSK-3 inhibitor)

XAV 939 (Tankyrase inhibitor)

DAPT (γ-Secretase inhibitor)

Quality and Documentation

GMP small molecules from Tocris fulfils criteria for USP <1043> classified and are manufactured, tested, and released following relevant sections of ICH Q7 guidelines.

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GMP Protein from Tocris

Controlled, Traceable, and Scalable

All components of ex vivo cell manufacturing need to be controlled, traceable, and scalable. This includes media and serum, which are often required in high volume to achieve therapeutic doses of a cell therapy product.

GMP Media

Our GMP media production facility at Bio-Techne is designed for off-the-shelf and custom media manufacturing for immune and stem cell therapies.

Our GMP Media Selection

GMP Mesenchymal Stem Cell Expansion Media

Custom GMP Media

GMP Media

Media Supplements

Media supplements that can improve cell growth include serum and defined nutritional supplements. Our research-use supplements are commonly used during discovery research and can be transitioned into clinical workflows.




Media Supplement

Start at Discovery. Go to the Clinic.

R&D Systems

Grow your research into a therapy with innovative tools and trusted reagents. Bio-Techne is a full workflow provider from discovery to the clinic, including research-grade cell separation and phenotyping tools.

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Custom Solutions for Cell Therapy

R&D Systems

Efficient workflows often require customized solutions. Put our decades of experience to work for you.
View our portfolio of services for customizing your cell therapy manufacturing workflow.

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